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Introduction to Port Bouvard Croquet Club

Nestled within the heart of our community, The Port Bouvard Recreation and Sports Club takes pride in hosting a Croquet Club that is not only burgeoning in popularity but also welcomes members from all walks of life. Our Croquet Club has become a hub of activity where players, ranging from novices to experienced enthusiasts, come together to enjoy a game that perfectly blends physical exercise with mental prowess.

Why Croquet?

Croquet is a unique sport that transcends age and gender, making it an ideal leisure activity for everyone. It offers moderate physical exercise which is perfect for maintaining one’s health without the strain of high-impact sports. Beyond physical benefits, croquet requires strategy and skill, providing a satisfying mental challenge that keeps the mind sharp. At Port Bouvard Croquet Club, we cherish the game of Ricochet Croquet, a variation that emphasizes skilful ball hitting and clever tactics to outmanoeuvre the opposition.

What We Offer

Ample Playtimes

  • Practice Sessions: Join us every Friday morning at 9:30 am for a 10:00 am start, where we hone our skills.
  • Competition Days: Experience the thrill of competition every Tuesday afternoon, meet at 1:30 pm for a 2:00 pm kick-off

Accessibility and Affordability

Croquet at Port Bouvard is an accessible sport requiring minimal equipment. Newcomers need only suitable attire as the club provides mallets for loan, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to play without the need for immediate investment.

Join Our Growing Community

We’re on the lookout for more players to join our vibrant community. Whether you’re looking to learn a new sport, seeking a leisurely way to stay active, or simply want to enjoy the social aspect of croquet, Port Bouvard Croquet Club is the place for you. Our members share a passion for the game, fostering a friendly and inclusive environment where everyone is welcome.

Get in Touch

Ready to swing a mallet and make new friends? Contact us to learn more about becoming a part of this dynamic community. No matter your skill level, there’s a place for you at Port Bouvard Croquet Club. Come join us and discover the joy and camaraderie that croquet can bring into your life.

Join us on this delightful venture into the world of croquet at Port Bouvard Recreation and Sports Club. We can’t wait to welcome you onto our lawns!

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