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2018 – 2019 Summary.

An excellent season of Community Bowls attracting consistant attendances each week. With around 130 players competing, the future of Bowls at Port Bouvard looks promising. We have already seen players from this competition starting to compete in other Club Social/Scroungers games.  Thank you very much to all those involved including Club volunteers organising the event.

Season Two winners went to LS CUBED. Runner up: DROP BEARS. Third: AVANAGO.

Overall winners (Season one plus season two)   LS CUBED. Second: INCREDIBOWLS




LS CUBED. Season winner

INCREDIBOWLS. Season runner up

Results Tuesday 26th February 2019

On the final game for the 2018-2019 season, Rolla Bollas produced a top effort to win for the second time. Well done. In second place was the improving Mandurah Vets. Watch out for this team later this year!!!

Results Tuesday 19th February 2019

New winners and runner up’s this week again. Good to see the competition is quite even with just one week to go for this season. Nomads took out first place with Avanago runner up.

Results Tuesday 12th February 2019

This week we saw The 4 Stooges and Travellers record their best scores for the season by taking out first and second place. Again it is encouraging to see a wider range of participants rising towards the top.

Results Tuesday 5th February 2019

South Mandurah Vet’s had a great evening to win their first points for the season. LS Cubed must be just about on top of the table with another second place. Well played to all.

Results Tuesday 29th January 2019

Ever consistant LS Cubed continue to be “up there” by winning tonights event. PJ’s showed improved form to take out second place.

Results Tuesday 22nd January 2019

I think this is Sandflies first win for the season and also Dizzy Heights as runner up. Good to see teams improving.

Results Tuesday 15th January 2019

Mambo Magic were winners tonight. Runner up was the consistant LS Cubed team.

Results Tuesday 8th January 2019

Incredibowls commenced the new season as they finish the past season by scoring a good win.

Runner up was the  Bowlistics team.

Keep enjoying yourselves folks!!!


Season winners for 2018 Community Bowls were the fabulous “INCREDIBOWLS”.

Ray Ball, Julie Reed and Wendy Chester were regulars for the team with Gary Reed filling in on occasions.

Runner ups’ were View Road with LS Cubed taking out third place.

Results 4/12/2018

Great evening for the final Community Bowls for the 2018 season.

Winners tonight were the aptly named “Under Pressure” with runner up being “Wrong Bias.”

Congratulations to all participants from The Club for such a high attendance rate and trust all enjoyed themselves. Hope to see everyone early in 2019 for the first Community Bowls of the new season. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Results 26 November 2018

Incredibowls improved from their second placing last week to be the winner tonight. Well played to all.

In second place was the Cracker Jacks repeating their effort from earlier in the season.

Results 20 November 2018

In first place tonight we had Bowlz Deep with Incredibowls taking out second place.

Results 13 November 2018

The 4 Stooges popped up tonight to be the winners with The Dream Team holding down second place

Results 30 October 2018

“Outwide” took home the bacon this evening. “Bowlistics” played well to come in second. Fresh windy conditions.

Results 23 October 2018

Rolla Bollas were successful this evening followed by View Road. Very pleasant night for Community Bowls.

                                       Over 120 in attendance tonight!!

Results 16 October 2018

Channel Chicks improved from last week to take out first place tonight.

Runner up: Cracker Jacks.

                                                        Looks like “someone” is enjoying herself

New season commenced on 9 October 2018. Record number of teams have nominated to play the season up to Xmas. 140 bowlers had a great night of fun on a very balmy evening. Relaxed after the game with friends, food and a few drinks.

Winners for 9th October were:- LS CUBED with runners up being CHANNEL CHICKS.