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FRIDAY 29th March 2019

Geoff Hollingsworth took out today’s final with Neil Feltham being runner up. Neville Sloss won the consolation.

Great day for Bowling and all three greens were full.

FRIDAY 22nd March 2019

Yours truly Malcolm Beermier had a great day on the greens today. A solid win in the heat followed by an excellent semi- final win progressed into winning the final. Pat Gannon was runner up after beating Doug Burnett in a playoff. Julie Van Esch had a fantastic game winning the consolation with a +30 points.


FRIDAY 15th March 2019

Ray Sanford shook off all competitors to win this weeks final. Ray has been in great Pennants form this season being the top Skip in Tuesdays Division 2 for our District at the end of the home and away games. Well played Ray. Ted Osborne was runner up with our first class greenkeeper Bevan Hall claiming the consolation.

FRIDAY 8th March 2019

Our Current Novice Champion Brad Jones showed that he is a force to be reckond with in future events by earning a “pink spot” today. Beating Alan Bishop in the final takes some doing!!. Consolation was taken out by Dave Kahl.


FRIDAY 1st March 2019

Ian Baker wasn’t satisfied with just one “pink spot” from last week so he repeated the performance to win his second pink spot this week.. Very well played Ian. Bill Schilders came in as runner up. Doug Burnett took home the consolation.

FRIDAY 22nd February 2019

Ian Baker received his first “Pink Spot” for winning the final. Well played Ian. Kerry Sojan who is bowling well in every event lately was runner up. Mr Peter Dann secured the consolation.

FRIDAY 8th February 2019

Great to see an “up and coming star” in Irene Van Herk win todays scroungers final. Well played Irene. Ted Wenn was runner up with Geoff Hollingsworth winning the consolation.

FRIDAY 1st February 2019

Jim Geddes beat Kerry Sojan in todays final. Shauna Howarth took out the consolation.

FRIDAY 25 January 2019

A record 60 bowlers enjoyed our new greens that were running beautifully for today’s Scroungers. Graeme Marchant had an excellent afternoon by winning all qualifying games to reach the final and then remained on top. Great effort Graeme. Runner up today was Bill Walker who is nearing a final win. Consolation went to Roy Jones.

FRIDAY 4 January 2019

48 bowlers enjoyed a great afternoon of bowls today.  Filtering his way to the top was Barry Ramm defeating Shauna Howarth  narrowly. Welcome to the Club Dennis Carrott who made the final in his first game. Well played.  Consolation went to Barry Edwards with +24.

L_R Barry, Gary (marker) Shauna, Dennis and Will

FRIDAY 28 December 2018

A bit breezy but a lovely fine afternoon for bowls today. Good attendance as well.

Wendy Chester showed us all how it was done today as she outplayed her two opponents to take the final.

Having been a bit heavy with her first 2 bowls, Wendy picked up kitty with her third bowl to turn the first end into a 6 shot lead. Another five shots up on the second end made the score an unbeatable 11 to 1 with just 2 ends to play. Well played Wendy.

Runner up was Ray Sanford with Don Campbell third playing well to make another final appearance.

Consolation secured by Bob Court.

FRIDAY 14 December 2018

Very pleasant warm afternoon for scroungers today.

The final was a keen tussle between Bob Davis, Don Campbell and Bill Walker. Bill Walker took out the event with some good steadying bowls beating Don by a narrow margin. Bob played in probably his first final and was not disgraced. The experience will be very beneficial for him.

Wayne Morgan continues to improve to take out the Consolation with a +23. Well done Wayne.

FRIDAY 7 December 2018

Mal Smith was successful today. Chris Foppoli was runner up for the second week in a row. (No scroungers last Friday).

Gary Loveland snared the consolation.

FRIDAY 23 November 2018

Great to see a relatively new player to Lawn Bowls and the Club in Brad Jones winning his first “pink spot” by taking out todays’ game. Well done Brad. Runner up was Chris Foppoli who is always thereabouts. Mr consistant Pas DiFlorio claimed the consolation.

FRIDAY 16 November 2018

Numbers a bit down today but that did not stop Barry Edwards from producing top bowls on the day to be the winner. Bob Court is playing into some excellent form from recently having a well earned holiday over East.

Our Clubs greenkeeper Bevan Hall mustered up sufficient points to be the consolation winner.

FRIDAY 9 November 2018

Well played to Jeff Lynn for his success in winning today’s scroungers. Beating first division player Peter Hutton takes some doing. “Captain” Ken Reynolds claimed the consolation reward.

FRIDAY 2 November 2018

Dave Kahl won his second “pink spot” for this season. The rest of the season will be a tester for him with an 8 point handicap. Coach Peter Parsons who is also bowling very well came in as runner-up also playing with a 4 point handicap. Well done to both players. Consolation was won by Gary Watkins who is running into some good form.

FRIDAY 26 October 2018

A bit breezier but lovely warm and fine for the 40 players who competed this afternoon.

Mick Bright played some superb bowls to clinch the winners reward for today.

There was a keen tussel for runner up with Terry Hill and Kerry Sojan needing a playoff to seperate them. Kerry won the sudden death one end roll. Great to see Terry in his first final for a very long time he tells me.

Consolation winner went to Bill Boyce on a countback.

FRIDAY 19 October 2018

Slightly down on numbers today (33) but some very keen ends were played all round. Magic bowling conditions again.

Ian Watson showed his class to claim the winners prize today. Bill Boyce and Barry Edwards gave Ian very stiff opposition with Bill securing runner up.

Malcolm Beermier sent down excellent bowls to claim today’s consolation with + 25 points.

L-R   Ian, Barry and Bill

FRIDAY 12 October 2018

46 players bowled in perfect conditions on excellent prepared greens. Was a very relaxed atmosphere and enjoyed by all. Winner of the consolation we had birthday boy Gary Loveland with a very tidy 30 points.

In a hard fought final, 5 players put down some awesome bowls. A clear winner wasn’t decided till the final bowl was played. Very consistant Dave Kahl collected his second “pink spot”  with Chris Foppoli close behind grabbing second place.

Today’s finalists. L_R Dave, Malcolm, Chris, Bill and Helen

Dave and Chris enjoying a coldie after the game.

FRIDAY  5 October 2018

We all must look up to and learn from coach Peter Parsons who took out the winners prize today with an excellent win overcoming his “pink spot” 4 point handicap.  An 8 point handicap from next week will really put Pete to the test. Well played.

Runner-up Gary Loveland had the game “in the bag” until being cut out with Peters last bowl.

Consolation went to Ross Mills.

Players receiving great support from the beaten opposition watching the final.

FRIDAY 28 September 2018

Good attendance today with excellent bowling conditions.

Elder statesman and a club coach Chas Curtis show that he still “has it” by beating all his younger challengers in todays’ final. Four other players had the task of competing against Chas but all missed out. Runner up was  Roy Jones with  Bob Davis (24 points) on the improve taking home the consolation prize.


L_R Barry, Roy, Chas, David, Kevin.

Todays winner Chas Curtis

FRIDAY 21 September 2018

Congratulations to Lorraine Mills for being the winner today. Lorraine defeated Barry Edwards and must have  bowled pretty well to beat a select group of bowlers that made the final.

Frank Autunno is knocking on the door winning the consolation. He is bowling very consistantly lately by being in the placings often.

FRIDAY 14 September 2018

Good attendance again today as over 50 bowlers doing their best to win on another freezing afternoon. Good to see some of the clubs leading players both men and women warming up for the approaching pennant season.

Winner of the consolation was Les Thomas with +23 points.

Runner up in the final we had a tie with Frank Autunno and David Kahl scoring the same amount of points.

Successful today in a keenly played final was the very consistant Graeme Marchant.

L_R David, Barry, Graeme, Frank, John.

FRIDAY 7  September 2018

Starting to see our “Grey Nomads” filter back to the Club after they have had their “sunshine fix” up north.

Coming home to the “real world” refreshed and enthusiastic has shown up in our results today.

Well played to Helgar Thomas in winning the consolation.

Winning her first “pink spot” for the season was Jan Edwards with runner-up being Peter Letch on a playoff.

Good signs for the pennant season approaching.

FRIDAY 31 August 2018

Winner of todays consolation was David Hislop with 21 points.

In a very tight final with four finalists, Malcolm Beermier came out victorious. Gary Reed was runner-up.

FRIDAY 24 August 2018

Malcolm Beermier won todays consolation accumulating 31 points out of a possible 48. “C” green was running very fast which suited him.

Coach Peter Parsons played superbly to take out the final. 5 shots on the last end added nicely to his tally. Well played Pete. “Pink Spot” next game will make it a bit harder!!

                                                              L-R Peter Chester (Marker) Dave, Ian, Peter, Jim

FRIDAY 17 August 2018

Consulation winner today was Bill Walker.

Peter Dann was successful in winning the final which included Graeme Marchant, Geoff Hollingswoth and Pas Di Florio.


Very good turn out today. Very chilly but calm and fine.

Winner of the consulation was Bill Schilders. Scored 27 points out of a possible 48 so must have bowled very well.

Some excellent bowls were played by all 4 finalists in the final. None better though than Bob Court who claimed all 6 points in the first end to set up his winning run. Well played Bob.

Runner-up today was Alan Bishop, starting to show some form in the run up to the pennants season.

                                                                   L – R Ken – (marker) Alan, Bob, Greg, Geoff


A squally, cold typical August day kept a lot of participants from attending today.  Jim Geddes took full advantage of this and won the final again without having his handicap applied due to the lack of teams.

Runner up was Graeme Marchant.



Great afternoon for playing bowls. Light wind, overcast and cool. Lost about 5 minutes for rain.

Consolation winner today was Pas Di Florio with 22 points.

Runner- up in the final was Malcolm Beermier with the winner being Jim Geddes who held a one shot lead into the last end. Jim sat his first bowl on the jack which made it very difficult for his opposition to beat. His last bowl got a lovely wick for him to be holding 5 shots with 2 opposition bowls to play. Neither of these shots changed the head, so Jim won the day by 6 shots. Well played to all.


On a wild wet and windy afternoon we had a reasonably good turn- up for our weekly “fix”.

Tony Samiotis handled the conditions better than all of us playing some excellent bowls to win the final.

Runner up today was Bob Lampard. Another player who handles the “bowling arm” very well.

Winner of the consulation was Frank Autunno playing his first game for a month or two. Watch out for Frank next week!!

                                     Today’s finalists:  L-R      Bob, Malcolm, Gary and Tony.


Checking the result


That “Master Class” man, Gary Reed has struck again.   Another 3 winning games today sees Gary the winner of  the final.    Two “pink” spots (8 point handicap) from now on will really test him for the rest of the current season. Very well played Gary, keep it going.

This completed a great week for Gary. Last Friday he was present at the club for dinner and his financial membership number was drawn from the barrel winning an extremely generous prize. Time to buy a Lotto ticket???

Runner- up today was one of the club’s coaches Mr Peter Parsons. Good on you Pete.
                                  Today’s Finalists:  L-R   Geoff, (Marker Brayden) Peter and Gary

Coach Peter


Some skillful bowls were played in today’s final. One end in particular had 5 different “shot” bowls out of the 12 bowls played. (all by directly moving the jack). It was great game to watch.

Last seasons “King Scrounger,” Gary Reed put on a “Master Class”once again and took out the winners prize for this week.

Runner up was Neville Sloss who also played very well.


Today’s finalists: L- R     Gary, Ian, Neville, Greg

The jack was moved 5 times from the initial blue bowl at top of picture


A well deserved win to Bill Schilders.

The turning point was when Bill played a great last bowl on the 3rd end to knock up one of his short bowls to take shot.

Second was Ian Watson.

Well played to all the finalists.

Our finalists. L-R      Bevan, Bill, Brayden, Ian.